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i wouldnt think

that the drivetrain from the 240 would weigh much, if any, more than the ford drivetrain. those flatheads aren't all that light. as far as getting 30 mpg, i dont know. the ford looks a lot less aerodynamic, to me. i think it would depend on what speed you drive. if you cruise at a pretty sedate speed i think 30 is possible. i dont know how to calculate it but i would think somewhere between 55 and 65 would do it. the wind resistance increases by the square of the speed.

if you spend most of your time around town then i think it will get the same or better than a stock 240. i think it will be a bit lighter than the 240 when complete, depending on what you include in the car such as power steering, ac and such.

it would be a cool ride though. it would be the envy of all us diesel nerds and geeks.

tom w
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