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how to "friend proof" a power passenger seat?

On many occasions i have been the person driving when me and my friends go out. The problem is a few of my friends are a little crazy and downright weird, and think its' fun to try to use my power passenger seat to scwush the person in the back seat. After saying stop so many times you just give up, so i need a more direct approach. I plan on wiring a switch to the power seat so that when the switch is in the on position the seat will act as normal, but when i hit the switch the seat stays in it's position and cannot be moved(and i'd wait till the seat was in an extremely uncomfortable position to hit the switch). I need to know where the power wiring is, it doesn't matter if it takes out my seat at the same time or not, as once mines adjusted for the night i leave it alone. Also, a pushbutton that could shock the person would be quite handy at times(j/k) thanks for your help
by the way the car is an 83 300SD
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