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Originally Posted by t walgamuth
so that it will flow thru the filter.

enzymes are for digesting things. we have them in our gut. they are microorganisms. antibiotics kills them along with the harmful bacteria, so that is why you get gut rumblings, gas and loose stool with antibiotics. then you need to eat yorgut or take probiotics to build your gut culture back up.

tom w
Sounds great! I called West Marine and asked if Startron is the right stuff for black sludgy fungi in the tank and she says no. She says Startron is a preventive that's added to every tank to prevent fugi growth and that once there's fungi, something like Biobor has to be used to kill it first, then add Startron to prevent it. Is she full of it? Is she trying to sell me more stuff than I need?

Should I drain my tank before filling it with Startron? I'd hate to drain the tank unless I really have to. If I have to drain it what is the best way?
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