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You said,
"One thing I absolutely wouldn't do is remove the battery cables. The battery acts as a dampener to transient voltages. It sucks up all
high and low voltages. The biggest problem is that the battery is not hooked to many things with the key off. You still need the
battery to establish ground though."

Is this only for welding???? Midas didn't
even do this for the muffler.

When my car went in for body work they disconnected the battery cable. Yet another
shop did the same when I went in for a valve
job. How I know this is when I first turned
radio on it went to ASU. This automatic
setup goes on when battery is disconnected. It
seems to be common practice to do this when
ever car is worked on for any electronics and
I would guess body shop does not want battery
hooked up in painting area due to explosion hazard.

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