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LarryO: When I bough a Starmark car, the limits were 7 model years or less and less than 100K miles on the odometer. Very much worth it, however. On my Starmark car they did over $20K worth of repairs (at not cost to me) before I got tired of having it fixed and traded in on a new ML. Itís possible the rules of the warranty have changed, but they had not as of earlier this year. Worth a call to find out. BTW, the repairs were a reflection of the model (300TE 4-matic) and not, I think, of the dealer.

Tkamiya: Good point. I forgot about it. I had to pay a little extra to get the valve covers and the battery removed from my then potential 400E. It ended up costing me $150 for the inspection and extras, from a MB dealer in Rochester.

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