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Thanks for the clarification.

As for is the fan working properly now question, If the outside temp is say 80+ and you start the car and turn on the A/C and let the engine idle. The aux fan will probably come on in 10-15 min.. You could rev the engine to around 2500rpm to speed the test, because it raises the high side pressures. To accurately tell if the drier switch is working correctly you would need to put A/C gauges on the system and read the high side pressures, when the pressure reaches 300-325psi on the high side then the fans are switched on until the pressure drops below 275psi then they are switched off.

If you unplug the blue 2 pole temp switch the aux fan should run on high speed.

Keep a watch on your engine temp, esp. in traffic, to make sure you have no overheating issues. The temp. should not go over 105c if it's 95deg outside with high humidity, like it is here in GA.
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