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Help! Fuel Pump Relay verification

Today I started my '85 380se and moved it about 2 feet down the driveway.(It was in the way).It was making its "bearing going out noise" ,which I think is the water pump bearing,the noise sometimes occurs on cold start up,and lasts for about 3 minutes.and then wont happen all day?But that's not my main problem today,today the car wouldn't start up again after the moving it 2 feet about an hour earlier.
I went directly to this site,
It sounded according to what I read on this site that it could be the "Fuel Pump Relay"
The car started right up when I hesitatingly sprayed "starting fluid" into the intake.
I pulled the "Fuel Pump Relay" and bridged jacks 7 and 8.At that time the fuel pump made noise which it was not doing before.
The car would not start due to a now LOW battery.
I am ordering the new Fuel Pump relay on monday,I would just like to verify that ,that is what the problem is?
p.s. my fuel pump relay looks like it has been apart and resealed with silicone? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???
any help greatly appreciated ,by the way this is the best auto enthusiast site I have ever seen!
and as others have said "is ADDICTING!!!!!
mark smith

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