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More questions with regards to steering play

I've only now decided to post after some time spent searching this helpful website. I have recently bought a 1983 240D with auto transmission and although the car is in excellent condition, there are some issues with which I would like to deal with - hopefully with your help. I will stick with one issue for now.

Issue: too much steering play

Background: All front end and steering components are tight, front end alignment complete, alignment technician pointed out play in steering box, adjusted allen keyed adjustment on top of steering box - although box is tighter still small amount of play, play still very noticable in windy and cross wind conditions, car tracks well and play less noticable in calm air conditions, spent time examining PDF file of steering box posted on this site.

Questions:It appears that by turning the allen keyed adjustment on the top of steering box ccw it will raise the pitman arm to a point where it will seat more tightly on the working piston - can all play be eliminated with this task? It doesn't appear as though you can make an adjustment on the steering worm which may have been recommended by one of your members. I was also told that you can't eliminate all play with the allen keyed adjustment - if pitman teeth are worn for example - is this true? Has anyone else brought this issue to a satisfactory conclusion?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

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