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Cool idle control valve & Vac change-over valve

Hello to All, I have a few simple questions
the car is a 1989 420 sel, I was having idle problems & with some help from this site I found my problem to be the idle control valve, so I went to my local U-pull it junk yard and found just what I needed on a 1987 ??? SEL(number badge was missing) the engine was the same from what I can tell, I took the Idle control valve & the vac. change over valve the ICV was made in 2003 the one on my car I think was the original as there was no date on it jus a part no. now heres the question the ICV on my car made this rattle sound when I skake it the one from the junkyard does not, are there any parts in the ICV that could come loose to make it rattle & go bad or is it normal due to the age of the part & what does the ICV really do ?

Next question the vac change over valve, The one on my car has a plug wit a screen on it I guess to let air in but the one I got at the yard has a block on the end so no air can get in, & also what does it do in the first place?

I looked at pics of the change over valve and the are the same part
except for one lets air in and the other does not.

thanx for the help
420 sel 168,000 1989
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