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Runs warm when....

Well, with the AC off, it stays around 80-90C even with the hot 95-100 deg days we have been having. With the AC on and driving stop and go style, in town, it will creep up, the highest being about 110-115 or so.

When driving on highway, above 40 MPH or so, the temps will slowly drop back down to 90 or 95 with the AC on.. So, it seems to me to not be getting enough air thru until the car is moving fast enough to force it thru the radiator. I have seen the Aux. fan kick on when the AC compressor starts up, but I'll have to check on the switch for the engine temps... I know the CD talks about it not going on low until 105C is reached, and high at 115C. I have not tested this out yet, but if I can get time I will check the switch out... also the resistor, to make sure that it is not open.

I would not have thought that the temps would get that high just sitting there at idle if the Visco-clutch was functioning. I did a crude test to see if it would speed up with the engine RPM the other day when the water gauge was showing 105+, and it seems to not show any change in speed when the engine is speeded up from idle to about 2K RPM... I really don't want to buy a new visco-clutch until I am sure that is the problem. But it seems to be pointing that way.

Any of your thoughts on this would be a help in starting me in the right direction. If I had someone in the area who had the same type of engine, I could compare the fan clutches to see if they operate the same at the same temps.. but for now I don't know of anyone in the area.

By the way the engine has 230K miles on it, so it is not that far of a jump to think that the clutch could be worn out!
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