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Originally Posted by lietuviai
If the suspension has not had any rebuilds, then you could easily spend more than the selling price. The drivers seat is probably mush as I would imagine most of the rest of the interior. Weather stipping will probably be bad. Look for rust as well. While you could rebuilt the engine for a reasonable price, you've still got accessories that will need replacing and that be expensive. Oh yes the ABS. Make sure it works as that is $$$ to fix.
If you want a 124 bad enough, you can find older ones with half the mileage for the same price. A 124 is not a 123. I've never heard of a 124 reaching 1000K.
Depending on how the car was taken care of, I'd imagine that many interior bits and seals, etc, have the potential to be in better shape than a 1985 W123, solely because the E300D is 10 years newer. Remember, many parts wear due to age, not just mileage. Yes, a 124 is not a 123. It's better! But where are the 1000K W123's? I don't see many of those either.
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