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Originally Posted by DieselAddict
speedy300Dturbo is right, rubber mostly wears with age, not mileage. If the 400K is almost entirely highway mileage, and I imaging it is, then the suspension and the rest of the car could still be in good shape.
How can the suspension be any better with almost entirely highway miles on it? In my experience the 124 rear suspension arms degrade with use as the car is driven. And the diff mounts get worn. I have a whole pile of stuff I have in hand already to change in my '87 300D (the blue one) at 260K miles.
On a car with 400K I would expect that these certainly would have been changed and maybe even twice!

The front steering components wear with how much the car is steered, ie. in lots of city driving where parallel parking is used it will wear the ball joints.

You should also look at possible worn wheel bearings, things like that all add up to expensive repairs but hey, if the car is in good shape its the love of restoration that makes it worthwhile!

That said, I have seen some nice gassers in fine condition like a '90's 300E going fairly cheap it seems. $3K or so. That seems cheaper than one that costs $2000 but needs $2K worth of parts.
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