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thanks larry for the quick reply. I do have a question regarding some of the other support components like the drier and the expansion valve. What effect does these devices have in the system? Like the the expansion valve, If it is faulty would that contribute to lack of cooling?

I just took a reading and found it to be 40 low and 220 high after running it for about 15 min in park. I am only getting a 10 deg drop from ambiant. I have made sure that the hot water valve is closed off.

I did notice that If I open the hot water valve then I get heat from the drivers side vent and defrost vent. I never notice cool air from these vents

I do not have a manuel so i am a bit confused about what levers control what except that the two outside levers control a vacume switches.... Right one for water valve/ left one for outside air servos. I know this because the levers had come off the switches and were causing the water valve to stay open as well as having to replace the digraphms on the air flaps. I can figure all this out with time.

I would like to know how I can be sure that the expansion valve is working properly. What indications do I look for?
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