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Post How to check the oil level from the instrument panel on a W202

Hi everyone,

I've discovered recently a little trick that I would like to share with you : here is how to check the engine oil level from within the car on a 98' C240 (W202), knowing that anyway if the oil level is too high or too low, the instrument panel will beep before starting up the engine.

- turn the ignition key on position 2, but don't start the engine.
- leave the key in this position for a few seconds. The partial and total kilometers (or miles) on the instrument panel will disappear, and instead you will see, on the upper indicator, an oil logo, and on the lower indicator, a clock logo.
- at this precise moment, press twice the "zero" button on the left of the instrument panel, as if you wish to see the Assyst indicator (kilometers, or miles, or days before next maintenance).
- the lower indicator will disappear, and - miracle - you will see an "OK" next to the oil logo, on the upper indicator. I have also seen an "High" (with a beep), after a long run on an highway. I've read somewhere that if there is a lack of oil (I've never had this case ...), the system tells you how much oil you have to add ...

Does it work for someone else ?

A MB fan in Paris !
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