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Question c200 cruise control problem

the car is a c200 1997 uk spec with 5 speed automatic gearbox-79,000 miles

i have a problem with the cruise control not working

this was happening on an intermittent basis whereby it would work sometimes and not at other times.

i suspected a dying battery-as the one in the car was the original one installed in the car when it was new in 1997 -a good 9 years so far!

i suspected this because the engine, despite starting, would turn over slower than usual during startup

today the car refused to start and luckily my son had his cellphone and we called the AA(our equivalent of AAA IN the US)-the tech confirmed a test voltage of 12.2 volts-he came to the verdict that i needed a new battery.
he gave us a jump start and we were on our way home.
i bought a new bosch 100AH battery of similar spec as the one in the car.
it is a heavy one with handles for lifting!.

could the battery be causing the cruise to malfunction intermittently?

i am planning to install the new battery-any tips on do and don't s when carrying out installation?

thanks for your continue help on what is a superb forum.
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