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Unhappy 89 190 2.6 Hvac problems, & Tach Inop???

Yes, I'm the annoying new kid on the board who knows nothing about MBZ, but want to learn!
I just bought a 1989 190e 2.6 VIN#WDBDA29D9KF621994. This is my first MBZ, so I'm basically clueless... I love the car, but I have found that my climate control system is basically just there for looks

First, Air will blow out dash vents ONLY - (Not defroster vents, but "face vents"?)Update: Air flows mainly from dash vents but a slight amount of air is coming out of the defroster vent at all times.

I drove 260 miles to buy the car... When I headed home in it, the outside temp was around 80 degrees. The temperature soon fell below 40 degrees and I found that the heat doesn't work at all in the car! With the dial set to full heat and in any mode, there is no heat coming from any vent anywhere. The heater core cooling hoses ARE connected... So where do I start looking? I did a bit of searching and my head is spinning from all sorts of vacuum diagrams, wiring etc... It's not fun driving in 35 degree weather with no heat and dash vents that will not close... (broken) And yes, the coolant is up to temp and never drops below 80.

My Oil pressure gauge is erratic (i'm assuming the pressure sensor is faulty... Common?)

My tachometer doesn't move at all. I have checked all fuses and they are fine...
Along with these two cluster issues, I have no outside temp display... It's just blank...

Again, this is my first MBZ and I don't even know where to start looking.
All help is appreciated!

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