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Unhappy Getting somewhere now....

Ok, I spent last night looking for anything out of the ordinary with the cooling system. I am afraid to say that I was unable to find anything that looked wrong with the AC system.I was not able to get in thru the glove compartment, it looks like it is one piece with the dash, so I was not able to find anything inside that might be responsible. If anyone out there has a C-class and knows how to get back behind the dash, let me know.

So the AC problem is still there, while I was messing with it last night, I did notice that the none of the airflow buttons seem to work(although the red led light is on when you push it), and the recirculate button doesnt seem to work. It used to kick the AC in high gear when you pushed it, now, its doesnt do anything...could this be related, or just a symptom to the problem?

I wasnt able to get to the window yet, but I did grease down the sunroof slides, and the sunroof doesnt stick anymore!!!! The pop-up feature is still not working, but at least the sunroof closes on the first try now.
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