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It's relative to what you pay for it. I just bought a 1992 300TE with about 133K miles on it. Absolutely no rust, not even on suspension parts or bolts. I'm spending whatever it takes to make the car as close to new as possible since my wife really likes the car and wants to keep it a long time.

Keep in mind that between the front shocks, rear support joints, tailgate struts, and hydropnematic suspension you can spend a fair amount of cash. However, if you buy the car cheap enough and it comes with service records I would not rule it out just because of the mileage.

If it has no service records I would only be interested in it as a parts car since could very well cost big bucks if it needed extensive engine and/or transmission work.

Below is a list of what I've done to the one I bought about a month ago.

Work done immediately prior to purchase by seller:
A/C blower motor
oil sending unit
driver’s side door window motor
Climate control unit

Work done by me:
Coolant reservoir
coolant reservoir cap
5 coolant hoses
thermostat & gasket
radiator overflow plug
Acc mono valve
auxiliary water pump
grommets for windshield washer tank pumps
fuel filter
oil and oil filter
power steering fluid flushed & filter
hydraulic fluid flushed & filter
transmission fluid, filter, & gasket
rear diff. fluid
wiper blades: front, back & headlights
distributor cap, rotor, suppressor & o-ring
ignition wire holder
6 spark plugs
voltage regulator
battery & battery hold down clamp
refinished battery tray
2 breather hoses
air intake hose
hood silencer pad
rear muffler & muffler clamp
4 exhaust system hangers
flushed brake system
flushed hydraulic suspension system
adjusted front bearings
rear shock bump stops & shock boots
2 accumulators
suspension Pull Rod
adjusted ride height
replaced trim piece by front seat
rubber covers that attach to driver's side & passenger mirrors
Acc. belt idler pulley
fan clutch bearing bracket
rear hatch stabilizer shocks-2 & new pins
re-glued MB tex in front side pockets
support joints on rear wheel carriers

Work to be done:
valve stem seals which I’ve ordered
strut mounts
new tires
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