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The Bob
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Hey turbo sd

This seems to be a simple answer to your question but how long are you glow plugging your diesel. If you turn the key right after the light goes out that might not be enough to prevent rough smokey starts. I researched the sight and my cd and found out that the plugs stay on for about 20 to 30 seconds. I was under the impression before that the plugs went out right after the light went out... so I would turn it over after about 3 to 5 seconds of glow plugging. My diesel would rival champion louisianna smoker barbaque. Now I dont really mind alot of smoke but I was concerned that the car might not start when it goes below 70 hear in steamy chicago.

Now I glow plug it for a good ten count and it starts alot easier without the two minute great american smoke off. I am alot happier with the diesel.

Good luck

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