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It dawned on me that it was far too coincidental to remove sway bar, have level sensor attached to swaybar, and have front end in the dirt. I removed the level controller and looked at the electronics. Nice redundant system, couldn't have messed it up. then I realized that the arm connecting level sensor to the sway could have gone on 180 degrees out. Kind of like a human arm with an elbow that bends both ways. When I loosened the sway and pulled it out a bit to get the control arm out, that straightened the linkage. When I pushed it back in to reinstall the arm bent up instead of down. Didn't notice. I put the sensor back in with the correct attachment to the swaybar, started the car, and started cabbage-patching when the front end started to rise like an 64 impala in a dr. dre video. figured while I was in there I would lower the front end, so I took a couple clicks out of the linkage. started the car and it lowered. cheapest lowering job evar. now I can go back to calling my car 'sex on wheels' not 'the worlds most expensive paper weight.'
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