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Driving, Death and Diesels and how you want to go out?

One of my older brothers called me from the open road, part of his weekly 1,000 mile commute. He did not drive his ’92 350SDL today, too cold. (Hey! No rod bender jokes). So he took “MY” TDI he kept begging me for years as it sat mostly gathering dust. “The heated seats alone make this a keeper car”.

Then came the comment….

“They might as well bury me with the Mercedes wheel mounted right there in the casket and put my hands on the wheel, because that is the only way I am truly comfortable.”

1999 E300DT Obsydian Black Metallic, Heated Full Leather Parchment options, E2, K2, 136,000+, best 36.5 mpg - GP's 12-04 & 11-12 Zero Stuck
2010 Honda Odyssey - The BrideMobile - best 26.5
(2) 2005 Honday Accord- (1 -Corporate 1 - Personal) - 110,000 4-cyl 30mpg
2000 VW Golf GLS TDI, Upsolute Chip (sold to Brother, now 300+k on it) 48.5 mpg like clock work
1987 Honda CRX HF - Sold 87,000 always over 50 mpg Max 67 mpg
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