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Help need A/C problems 300SEL

My 89 300SEL's A/C does not seem to work properly. It's works well during the initial drive [morning start-up or when car has rested for serveral hours]. However, it fails to cool when the car is shut off and then restarted. Moreover, the A/C fails to cool whenever I adjust any of the push buttons or wheel.

Having read some of the posts on the forum, I am thinking that the recir. actuators are worn and need replacement. However, this is only a guess on my part.

Note that I have since repaired the mono valve. And the heating works well.

Are there any items that I can possibly check? Could it be the freon, compressor, vaccum, temp sensor???

Also, does anyone know how to get to the actuators and how many? I presume they may be behind the dash board or possibly the passenger air bag.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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