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Glad you were able to retrieve the codes, many time people have trouble with it... I can tell you another cool trick too!

28: Refrigerant Pressure Sensor (B12), CAUSE: Short Circuit. Intermittent.

60: A/C Compressor, Electromagnetic Clutch (A9K1), CAUSE: Short Circuit. Intermittent.

62: A/C Compressor, Electromagnetic Clutch (A9k1), CAUSE: Short or Open Circuit. Intermittent.

80: Switchover Valve Block (Y11/3), Tempering Flap, CAUSE: Unknown. Intermittent.

82. Switchover Valve Block (Y11/3), Tempering Flap, CAUSE: Short or Open Circuit. Intermittent.

100: Switchover Valve Block (Y11/3), Footwell Flap Long Stroke (80%). CAUSE: Unkown. Intermittent.

60 and 62 seems to be very similar... I am not sure what the difference between the two causes are or why. Look in the forum and you will see a post I started recently (A/C Diagnostics Codes). 60 and 82 are recurring for me also. They will come back after a day or two. I am still in the process of trying to understand what these explanations mean. I am kind of in the dark on that aswell. Now we just need SteveBfl to come along and help us out from here! I think that the "flaps" are related to the opening and closing of different vents, or the distribution.

You can also do other things with you A/C unit. With the car on and climate control on, press and hold rest for 5 seconds... you will then see the number "1" flashing across the screen and another number flashing (in cabin temp), they should be flashing between the two. Number 1 is the temperature inside the car. TO scroll to the other modes press the ARROW UP ('defrost'), and ARROW DOWN (feet). I can get you my list later. But briefly, 1 is in cabin temp, 2 is outside temp, 6 is coolant temp (F), 15 is in cabin selected temp, 21 is Engine RPMs, 22 AC Compressor RPMS, 23 is vehicle speed in kmh. Also, check 50 and 51 because they are related to the poly v belt. Hopefully they should both read zero.

Good luck and I hope we are starting to get somewhere!.
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