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Vijay- hopefully you will be able to chalk this one up to experience and learn from it. The insurance companies love this type of collision statistic: "fault or no-fault, younger drivers are twenty-five times more likely to be involved in a collision....blah, blah, blah..." (you've heard it before).

A couple of thoughts to pass on that is definitely NOT cutting edge for those more experienced drivers here:

In regards to driving, its widely accepted that it is a driver's basic responsibility to exercise the best strategy and vehicle maneuvering skill to avoid contact with the vehicle(s) in front of them (and around them) whether they have the "right of way" or "own" a lane or well all over the world.

As such, the most conservative approach to minimize the risk of this type of accident is to anticipate panic stop & collision situations- most especially when lanes merge by allowing an adequate amount of space in front of you, decreasing speed, placing/ applying the brake pedal in advance, mapping an alternate escape route to employ...and you may think of a host of other things situationally that will hone your proactive anticipation, collision avoidance drivers instinct, risk awareness, defensive driving skills, etc.

In regards to accidents and dealing with other parties involved in a collision, insurance company adjusters & agents, doctors and hospital bills, injuries, body and paint shops, restoration mechanics, attorneys, litigation, judgements, bills, rising insurance rates etc. etc. these type of associated matters will always be energy sucking negative activities no matter what driving experience level one posses or financial position one has attained....hence I sincerely hope you add this experience to your CPU and become a superior "driver"- - then you can help the "not so attuned" drivers out there.

My hats off to those real world "drivers" that clearly exercise superior driving skill, common-sense decision making, and wisdom to avoid causing, avoid being party to, and proactively make life easier for the road going masses.

Best of luck and glad to hear that the body restoration is reasonably priced.

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