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Lightbulb Ruled out alot of things.

Ok...I didnt delete all of the codes correctly last time, but this time I did, and it seems the only code that Im getting now is the 60.
I checked all of the temperatures from holding down the REST button, and they all seem normal. The A/C will blow cold air all day as long as the engine isnt revved. I sat in the garage(garage door open of course), and left the A/C on for about 15 min, and it ran fine with the car idling. But as soon as I took it out for a drive around the block, the middle vents cut out.
I tried just using EC as David suggested, but the middle vents still cut out.

Oh, and I found the tidbit about the recall of the 94 C220s and the tilt bracket...will the dealer replace that free of charge? Heres my VIN #
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