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Well, Zoonhollis, Stan,

I went over to my buddy's workshop over the weekend and jacked the car right up. There you have it, the urethane bushes (3 of them) for the three linkages were nearly completely gone!! (Cracked and broken)

The urethane bushes were bought for about US$ 0.50 each and I proceeded to dismantle the linkages (For good measure, I also bought new securing spring clips for the linkages.)

The pain was trying to 'squeeze' the new bush into the linkage eye, as the urethane was pretty hard. I used a short hollow tube with an inner diameter slightly smaller than the bush to push the bush into the eye with the help of a bench vice. A little grinding of the bush face was needed to ensure that the linkage securing clip fitted well. The whole job took about 2 hours, but I have a great rattle-free ride now, the way a benz should perform.

Thanks guys, you have been a real great help.

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