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Time for a game. See how much money can be spent on two parts for a 380SL. The idle speed motor (most likely the other part that gets dirty under the hood) MB part # 000 141 12 25 and the Idle Speed Controller MB part # 002 545 33 32. I will tell you that current MB list is $428 for the idle motor/valve and $310 for the controller that was the fix here (did you say $400).

I have never looked a part up in partsshop but I Imagine that these parts can be looked up by number there. Don't look at rebuilts if they have them. New parts will be VDO and willnot have the MB # on them but will be the exactly same part (I'm fairly certain). See what they ask for these parts. I haven't looked but I did look at one of our mutual suppliers for my cost. It might be embarassing to see the difference in what they charge and the prices quoted here.
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