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W210 gear indicator not synch'd

We just had service done to my wife's car, 1996 E300 Diesel. I noticed the other night that the window that illuminates the selected gear (PRND32) is 'off' by about 1 selection, ie; it illuminates N just before it drops into D, and doesn't illuminate anything while actually in a detent.

Part of the service involved replacing the power window switches, and we noticed that they replaced the wood trim too. I'm guessing they damaged it and replaced it too. Isn't warranty work wonderful?

Anyway, I'm guessing that the 'window' on the selector moved when they did the work, they didn't notice, and so it is no longer properly aligned. I'm also guessing that this is an easy fix.

My question; is this easy enough to DIY? It's really NOT convenient to go back to the dealer, as accomodating as they are, if it's something I can do in 15-20 minutes with patience and instruction.

I'm not comfortable about ripping off a wood trim panel to see what's underneaty. If there is a 'secret' to this I'd appreciate advice. Thanks in advance!

BCingU, Jim
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