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Angry A/c problems

I guess the replacement was just a touch better than the original. I guess I will have to take it in to have the bracket fixed. I hate to mess with the sunroof since for the most part it operates wonderfully now that the tracks have been greased. Ok, so now the A/C....Im only getting one of the error codes now, but I dont think the problem is in the compressor, because the A/C works great....even though the middle vents cut out(they actually just switch to defrost), the A/C blows out the fact, the cabin still manages to cool down, although it takes longer because the air is coming out of the defrost vents. The side vents continue to work the same as well. I do think it has something to do with the flaps shorting out, and in the DIY section, I read that the climate control defaults to the defrost position when there is a problem with the climate control....I hate to take it to the dealer for what I think is such a small problem, and im thinking its a relay switch, or a vacuum hose somewhere that is disconnected or pinched....
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