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keyless for w124 problem

I purchased all the parts as instructed by the earlier poast and Bill Streep's post # 11777 and installed it. Ran into one problem though.

On my 1987 300D, under the rear seat where the vacuum
pump is, there are 2 (two) sets of round plugs with Blue, Yellow and Green wires.
One round plug goes into the pump , the other round plug goes into a white female receptacle with a white sheath and runs back into the channel where all the wires come from.

I tapped into the blue wire that feeds the pump. The keyless works fine but the alarm goes off if I open any door after I unlock the system with the remote. If I do it with the key the alarm does not go off.

I unplugged the connector that goes into the white female plug and the alarm doesn't go off anymore and now the doors do not lock anymore with the key. I presume that the alarm and central locking system has been disabled with this plug being disconnected.

Funny thing is, the keyless with remote works fine locking and unlocking the doors. I can not lock all the doors and trunk from either side with the key anymore and the factory alarm is disabled.

Did I tap into the wrong blue wire ? Should I have used the one in the plug that goes in the white female connector ? If I did, which side of the cut do I connect the green wire from the DLSV, on the white female plug side or the other ? I would try it but I am afraid to burn something up if it is not correct.

As far as the Convenience Module listed, I don't have one on the other side of the car under the seat. The vacuum switch for the rear headrests is there.I would really like to have the factory alarm work.
I suspect that the Cenvenience Module tie in is for the alarm but I don't have a module there. Is it somewhere else ?
Thanks for your time to read this and hopefully an idea to resolve the dilemma.

Marius Gavrila

South Bend IN
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