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Thanks for the information... I will try and find a radiator shop and see if it is possible to repair.

The portion of the nipple that broke off was also broken in two so I did not think it could be repaired... as such I trashed it.

As far as why I am not using an independent shop... I have not yet discovered an "honest" and "knowledgeable" shop where I live in Las Vegas, NV. The closest reputable shop I have been referred to is in Salt Lake City, UT., which is about a six and a half hour drive. I have several friends that own older MBZ diesels (which is why I was looking for one). Many of these folks have had trouble with their turbo's due to the "trap oxidizer" problem. To date every person I have talked to who has taken this problem to an independent was told it would cost them $2000 for a new turbo. Not one of them mentioned that this was all covered under a MBZ warranty program. My brother has had his '87 300D for a few years and also went through this same trial. He found through his "trials and tribulations" with numerous independent shops that the local dealer was very good and although not cheap, his bills were much smaller in the long run. They fixed things the first time and if they felt something was not worth the expense to fix, they told him so (ie: small oil leak between engine and trans).

If anyone knows of any really good shops in this area I would certainly be interested.


Steve A
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