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If it aint broke don't fix it?

Thanks again for your posts guys.
>>The idle speed motor (most likely the other part that gets dirty >>under the hood) MB part # 000 141 12 25

I did NOT replace this part but I am wondering if I need to....?

The car seems to be running fine with just the new Idle Speed Controller replaced. If it aint broke don't fix it?..:

Tell you the truth about the part - I always ask for the old part for any replacement and I had contemplated seeing if I could have it soldered and keep it for a spare. The cover was really hard to get off but I did get it off and could not see any bad solders with a magnifying glass so I wrote it off and have been keeping my fingers crossed that the new one will last another 15 years but the outstanding question in my mind is what about the other part? should I or shouldn't I - That's something I think I can change myself if necessary. If not, I can move on to other repairs..

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