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I have seen many times people use 300DT for Diesel Turbo sedan and some articles I read also use it too for sedan. I do not know if it is an official name but it is being used often enough that I understand what people are trying to say, such as in this case, 300TDT for turbo diesel station wagon. Once in a while, I see people use 300TD for Turbo Diesel Sedan that is surely a mistake.

By the way, the 300TD before 1981 and the 300D before 1982 are non-turbo. All 300SD are turbo regardless the year.

For reasons unknown to me, I have seen many (99% ?) early W124 had broken radiator neck but hardly any W123 or W126 with 617 engine. But,they are all plastic! In Steve's case, I think the radiator neck had been broken before the purchase. The previous owner installed the upper hose back by using the remaining portion of the neck. When I purchase a 87 300D, that is the first place I check after I drive the car home. I purchased 3 of them and 2 of them already had a broken neck at the time of purchase. The third one was good because the radiator was replaced by the previous owner.

I know the radiator neck for the W124 gasoline model is repairable. I'm not sure about the diesel model.


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