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Unhappy Auto Box on C240


I have a new W203 C240 Auto and an very disappointed with the Auto box w.r.t. responsiveness. The box never seems to change when I really need a boost of power. It lags for about 1 second. This is especially noticeable at low speeds and then putting your foot down. Another problem is manually changing the gear down. At about 30mph if you flick the box down from "D" to "2" then you can feel the car changing slowly 5 > 4 > 3 > 2. By the time it gets to 2nd gear you could have travelled 100ft and, if you do this when it's most needed (big bend ahead / hill coming up) then it is in fact quite a safety issue.

I have read somewhere that there is a valve (vacuum actuator jobby) or something that can be adjusted to help overcome this. Considering MB tout this gearbox as being adaptive and able to change to a drivers own style and also charge 1400 for the privalige - I think we should expect better.

Any advice / comments

Cheers, Paul-the-limey
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