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Question Misc 190E 2.6 questions

First, I am brand new to this forum, so I hope I get this right.

I have owned my 190 for just over a year now. I have enjoyed reading the threads.

On occasion, when I step on the gas, usually abruptly as in pulling out in traffic, or to cross an intersection, the car really bogs down, as if flooding out, or no vacuum advance. This seems to happen most often after warmed up somewhat, just above 80 on the temperature gauge (but it can happen any time). From the reading the board this seems as if it could be either temperature sensor, or OVR, or both. Would you experts agree?

Transmission: When driving normally the transmission seems to have very abrupt shifts. Normal? If I modulate the accelerator in such a way that I give it more gas on take off, and the let up for the shift, it is a very smooth shift. I have read somewhere that how far down the pedal is pushed controls the harshness of the shift, so I feel that perhaps in my normal driving, I am having to push the pedal further down to overcome the bogging down on take off, resulting in the harsh shift.

On the highway, it drives great, but there is that little rear end whine which others have mentioned, so guess I need to find the Redline oil.

As others have mentioned, it is a small car, but for what it is worth I am 6'5" tall, and with the seat full back and full tilt, I have plenty of room I can barely reach the steering wheel, and no one can sit behind me, but so what, I got it for me. It's a 4 door, 2 seater!

Thanks for any help you can give me on this otherwise wonderfully driving vehicle.
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