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poor man's Sportline

I've just about made up my mind that i'm gonna go the Sportline suspension upgrade route, but will probably leave out a part or two to minimize labor costs.

To that end, which parts can I leave out that give the most diminishing returns as far as ride performance and feel are concerned. In other words, which parts can I leave out, that are the most intensive labor wise, yet retain a majority of the upgraded suspension performance that Sportline offers?

I think I recall from a former post that the rear subframe is quite labor intensive to install. Is this part an important piece of the equation? Also, aren't there 4 subframes back there?

Shocks, struts and springs are an absolute must I'd imagine, but is changing the majority of the bushings important as well?

Thanks for any input!

(I think the subframe alone eats up 3 hrs of labor, that alone would save some significant $$, if of course it's not all that important)

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