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I'm back again. I posted the original question
on instrument cluster removal. I am now an
expert at removing the cluster. I am still
trying to kill that rattle. I've gone so far
as to disconnect the speedo cable at BOTH ends
and the rattle persists. The only thing I know
for sure is that if I drive without the cluster
in the dash at all, there is no rattle. I
just replaced the dimmer switch potentiometer
because I thought that was the source of this

The rattle is seemingly random. Not dependant
on anything (speed, temperature) it just does
it when it feels like it.

So here's a question for you speedometer experts.
If the speedo cable is disconnected from the
speedometer, could there still be a rattle in
the speedometer?

When the cluster is removed, I gently jiggle it
and I can not hear the noise then either.

Another question: Are the speedometers designed
to be replaced without a new odometer? If I
replace my speedometer I'd prefer to keep the

Can the speedometer be repaired? Has anyone
had this rattle?

Thanks a lot for the help...

- Jeff

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