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M.B. Doc:

I found the fuel tank filter (screen) where you said it was. When I drained the fuel by taking off the hose to the fuel feedline, the fuel ran out fast until it got down to the last few gallons. Then it came out slowly with bubbles between the squirts of fuel. This simulates the way the engine ran when low on fuel but not empty.

I was lucky, the fuel strainer came out when turning the 19mm hex nut on the fuel hose. The strainer was very dirty so I cleaned it in the ultrasonic cleaner and then used an air nozzle to get it clean as new. I put my fingers up into the tank and I couldn't feel any dirt or gooey substances. That screen has been in there for 21 and 235K miles.

I'm sure that will solve the problem but it will be a while until I drive it enough to get near empty.

Thanks for the help.

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