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CLK430 In shop too many times

I have a 99 CLK430 and a fist full of repair invoices. This is my first Mecedes and I am embarrassed by the number of times I have been in with warranty work. I have the squeaks from the seats, the bad fuel gauges (3 Times), the bad CD (2 times changers), the check engine lights, squeaky door stops. They replaced the door stop on the driver door with one that is not painted as the original and said that I should paint it with touch up paint as the factory would not cover the cost of painting it. Theres more: Faulty rear defroster, radio, replaced console, ignition switch and the list goes on. It seems that every time it is in at the dealer they screw up something else.
I think they are producing too many models and not keeping the quality control up to standards.
I am ready to file a lemon law claim

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