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What Oil?

Brother of The Benz, stephanson
There is always the topic what type, grade, manufacturer(refiner) maybe even color with the rebirth of the Purple Royal Triton.
More likely most of we Benz owners settle on 15/50w as an all season weight where you don't have the sub cold temperatures then 5/30w.
Be it Dino or synthetic type.
The Petroleum Companies truely must love the Benz owner for we throw away more good oil than all other cars owners because of our oil change frequencies.
Others cars owners can not come close to the high engine mileage life that we can boost of.
Me, I use Mobil I 15/50w and change it and filter every 3500 miles.
My 103983 engine turned 179,000 miles yesterday returning from a trip to New Mexico and back to Houston.
My engine has yet to be opened; not even valve stem seals and there are no leaks and oil consumption at 1 quart/1700 miles.
I know there are those who think that is high consumption but I'll live with it.
So you will recieve many opinions on oil, sift through them and make your choice.
Oil is cheap, either dino or synth compared to the alternative, engine rebuild.
Happy Trails Beep Bep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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