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Unhappy Belt Slips

My Belts slips on my 92 400e under hard acceleration.
When it shifts 1-2 or 2-3 under hard acc.. it goes Sqeeek and the A/C compressor kicks off. It restarts after about 5 minutes or If i shut off and restart the car. I understand that there is a sensor that causes the shut off but whta can ultimately be done about the slipping. The tensioner setup is a joke. My V8 530i BMW has a seperate belt just for the A/C which probably prevents it from suffering the same fate.
No Matter how much I tighten the tensioner, it still slips.(Until it breaks)
I have 165K mi and just replaced both the belt and tensioner. The old tensioner Broke(mine only seem to last 30K mi/2years) and I decided what the hey and replaced the belt as well. I have it pretty tight yet it still slips. I dont want to break the new one. They're pricey at $230. HELP!

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