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CJs screwdriver recommendation has worked for me in non-MB situations. This approach will work sometimes especially if you are tapping into the filter from the bottom. Unfortunately, you can sometimes paint yourself into a corner going this route as the filter can get chewed up.

GLMOYs strap wrench suggestion would be your best bet(my opinion), but you may be better off with an oil filter strap wrench vs. a strap wrench that features a long handle. The later type may not work because of limited room in the area you're working in.

I've seen oil filter strap wrenches at tool sites on the web. Don't recall the names of these sites.
You wrap the strap around the filter, then insert a long 3/8" or 1/2" extension into a connection and turn from above with a ratchet. Such a tool may be available at an auto parts store in your vicinity. Sears might be another place to look.
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