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A new twist on cleaning cooling systems ???

This is just nuts sounding enough that I've got to ask the question.

I was at American Service Center (MB dealer in D.C.). They are the largest (claimed) MB retail parts outfit in North America. I asked for the alkaline cleanser and citric acid (by MB part number) and without batting an eye, the gent behind the counter said, "we don't stock those anymore and I don't think MB is supplying it anymore. Our mechanics use 'SHOUT' to degrease and decalcify".

As far as whether or not MB is supplying the stuff anymore is up for some mild debate, but the salient question is, have any of you seasoned mechanics heard of using a laundry spot cleaner, SHOUT, to deoil and decalcify?

I've not yet called the shop foreman, but I aim to sometime next week. I want to know what the mix is. It's just interesting enough that the deoil part could make sense, but the decalcify doesn't as I don't think there is enough citric acid in the product to make a dent.

We use shout here in our house per it's labeled intent. If memory serves it doesn't suds. Hmmmmmmmmmm????!!!

"No Dear, I don't know why all of your SHOUT is gone, but your car is squeaky clean!"
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