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ML 320 Durability??

Ok folks,
I think it's time to get rid of the acura TL, especially since the recent accident.
I've been looking around, and noticing that the prices of the 98 ML 320's has been floating around the 22-25k range. This is with about 40 - 60 k miles. Now, I've had two benzes to well over 100k miles with no major problems, and my C class is at 94 k again with no major problems (knock on wood).
What im wondering is at these prices, the ML seems to be a lot of car for the money. Does anyone have experience with the ML as it gets up in the miles, or are they just too new?
What do you guys think of the ML as a used car (can't afford new)?

Best Wishes and Take Care,
George Androulakis

96 C220 94k mi
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