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George, if you can PLEASE buy a 99 or latter ml cause the 98s were the r+d /test vehicle as a now retired mb factory tech, my ml was a nightmare no one could fix it mb dsm mb rep or other dealers, a/c fogs up the windows,door panels fall off when you shut the doors,oil leaks at engine rear main seal, trans, transfercase,window regulators,sunroof leaking,warped rotors,drivers seat back broke twice,aam control unit twice, tow sensor sets alarm off by itself,rear sway bar fell off took out both rear wheels,stalling at times i drove it with the aam tester for days and nothing and when i removed it it would die replaced m.e. control unit and speed sensors and no fix .rattles,air leaks-wind noise ........ if you buy a early ml PLEASE use car fax and use mb net to see the repair history and to see if it is my old ml cause its tagged a lemon and its out there
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