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Turbo not working. What is this picture?

I'm not sure what this part does. It has a line from the banjo bolt. It also has a line to the ALDA. There seems to be some sort of electronic switch attached between.

My turbo seemed to work briefly yesterday. I noticed it's performance waning (it was a rocket just after I did the diesel purge) I cleaned the banjo bolt. It had a medium amount of soot and gunk. It was not 100% blocked I would call it maybe 50%.

After cleaning the banjo bolt.. I don't seem to have any turbo now.

This was not a rapid change kind of thing. I know I didn't disconnect anything.

Is this part involved?

I havent recieved my ordered boost gauge yet. (where to I T that in?) Is there a way to troubleshoot the turbo?

I read up a bunch of threads.. but I don't seem to be able to get a handle on the order of things I should be checking. Is there a way to manually bypass (for a short term run up in the driveway) the wastegate?

Second Picture is my EGR. Did I do the bypass right? What is the small item with the vacuum line below the EGR?

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