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W116 Fan Clutch into a W126 car ??

Greetings Gentlemen,

I just purchased a 83 300 SD and I suffer from warm air flow from the a/c in stop and go traffic. In the mornings and at night the a/c blows 33 F , in the heat of these Houston, TX afternoons, sitting in traffic the center ducts read 62 F., when running on the highway in mid-day heat , system blows 45 F. I just installed a rebuilt R12 comp, driey. Exp V.,Evacuated the system purchased a used Fan/clutch. The tech used his guages when he introduced the new R12 ($$$$). I have read every post on this wonderful site that has anything to do with a/c systems. I am worried that not enough air circulation to the engine may be a problem,engine temps runs about 95 C under no stress and 105 C in traffic .

Back to my original question, I also own a wonderful 78 300 SD, 140,00 miles, that is in the garage being redone,cosmetic work.
THE QUESTION!!!!!! Can I use the W116 fan clutch in the W126 car ???

Thank you in advance


78 300SD 140,000
83 300 SD 220,000 Purcased 7-29-01 for $2,000
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