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I replaced the expansion valve this morning after getting my a/c tech to remove the 134a. I took it back to him and he has started the charge process. When I stopped by a little while ago he said they may have put too much in it - it was not blowing very cold.

I am wondering if maybe something else is wrong with the a/c system. What are the different ways an evaportor can fail? How bout the dryer? Could either of them failing prevent me from getting cold air. I am really trying to get it below 65 dF with 90 dF ambient conditions. If the pressures are within spec what else could cause it to not cool other than it being a 300D that has been converted?

I need to know about how much r134 it should take. I am under the impression that if you use the conversion of .80 to R12 then it is not right. I had a rep from VintageAir tell me to have them put a pound in to pick up the pressure switch and then add an ounce at a time till it cools it down.
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