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"Roar" inside 1998 wagon fixed!!

I've posted this previously AND had the car into the dealer with no success.

I have a 1998 E320 wagon with 50,000 miles that developed a "roar" inside the car that was most evident when on slightly rough roads and when braking. Everyone said it was just the hard ride inherit to a wagon.

Today my little girl (18 months) was sitting in the 3rd row seat with the hatch up while I was working outside when she started pounding her feet on the footwell. I heard a metallic rattle when she did this. With my fist I banged on the floor of the third-row footwell and all 4 side; the rattle only occured when I hit the bottom. So, I crawled under the car and had my daughter do it again.

Apparently the heat shield surrounding the rear muffler had distorted enough to rattle against the gas tank. I bent the shield away from the tank... no more rattle...went for a test more "roar"...problem solved!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps someone,

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