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'95 SL500: Brake Powder Dust Everywhere

At the end of each day, I have brake pad powder/dust all over my rims and, after a few days without cleaning, the rims are completely black with brake pad soot.

My dealer says that my only option is to replace the brake pads with after-market brake pads, which will allegedly result in loudly squealing brakes.

My dealer can't explain why most other SL500s that I see don't appear to have a brake dust problem.

My dealer also acknowledges the existence of after-market screens that can be installed in the wheels to insulate the exterior rims from the brake dust, but the dealer does "not recommend them" for some apparently inexplicable reason.

1. Have you heard of this problem?
2. Do you have a theory as to the cause?
3. Do you have a proposed solutions?


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